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"A man's a man", wrote George Elliot, "But when you see a king, You see the work of a thousand men".

Praetorian Guard, Consigliere, Chef de Cabinet—history gives many names to those who eschew power’s limelight for the soft glow of influence. While not candidates for the throne themselves, kingmakers know best how palace games are played, their sway and might over the body politic deciding where the chips may fall.

It takes a special, quiet kind of confidence to take one’s pride in another’s triumph. It takes a singular, lofty wisdom to wield the keys to power while others bear the weight of orb and sceptre.

A kingmaker’s prophecies act through dimensions unknown. Locksmiths of a sort, they rotate the inner workings of clout in just the right time and just the right order to open doors of opportunity and lidded coffers of incentive.

Master craftsmen, they hold their secrets close, leaving no detail to chance. So beware, for security is their stock in trade. And power’s nature has them equally at ease in glory’s gilded halls as among the skeletons in the closet.

For you see, the kingmaker, in the master’s shadow, is Master too.



From the enigmatic depths of haut-lacquer, this hand-painted creation emerged. As its CÔCO GIN siblings, it is the result of a painstaking 32-step process. During three months, it was sanded and re-sanded, so knowing hands could expertly submerge it in two dozen layers of resin carefully extracted from cashew shells.

Each of the lacquer decorative tray comes with a certificate of authenticity indicating their serial number. This edition has only 40 lacquer decorative tray pieces.

Lacquer decorative tray dimensions: 45cm * 71cm

Care instructions: Keep away from sunlight, heat, and metal or sharp objects.
Clean with warm water and a soft cloth. 
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