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Genius is a form of passion: a single-minded devotion to understanding something greater than ourselves.

For Tycho Brahe this meant conquering nothing short of the heavens. So much so, that he lost his nose to the sword of a fellow Danish nobleman and mathematician, duelling over a math problem at a friend’s wedding. From age 20, he would sport a precious-metal prosthetic for the rest of his life.

Auspicious beginnings for the prodigy whose revolutionary model of the universe would cause as many scientific breakthroughs as his lifestyle spawned gossip.

Finding favour from King Frederik II in the form of a private island, Brahe would entertain royalty, scientists and sybarites alike. But his more extravagant predilections would soon propel him to exile at the court of the Holy Roman Emperor in Prague, where his masterful genius and madcap capers went on unabated.

It was after taking on a certain young man named Johannes Kepler as his equally fiery protégé that our noble astronomer soon met his end. Some even said Kepler helped him along… then claimed the Laws of Planetary Motion for himself.

But what’s a little spat with the Universe at stake?



He may have cavorted in pomp, but Tycho Brahe’s observational data is considered, to this day, the most rigorous and comprehensive in pre-telescopic astronomy. Inspired by the same fire that guided Brahe, our limited-edition lacquer decorative tray went through a meticulous 32-step process to apply two dozen layers of lacquer, before engraving and hand-painted gold leaf.
Each of the lacquer decorative trays comes with a certificate of authenticity indicating their serial number. This edition has only 40 pieces.

Lacquer decorative tray dimensions: 45cm * 71cm

Care instructions: Keep away from sunlight, heat, and metal or sharp objects.
Clean with warm water and a soft cloth. 
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