A Dark Elixir of History: From Poison to Luxury Tray

A Dark Elixir of History: From Poison to Luxury Tray

The Dark Allure of Poisons

The concept of poison has long evoked intrigue, fear, and fascination. From the deadly concoctions of ancient civilizations to the insidious plots of infamous poisoners, the world of toxins and venoms has woven a complex tapestry of history.

Notorious poisoners like Lucrezia Borgia, the femme fatale of Renaissance Italy, and Madame Marie LaFarge, whose arsenic-laced cake betrayed her sinister intent, have left an indelible mark on history. Their tales are a reminder of the dark depths to which human ambition, revenge, or greed can plunge.

But even within this sinister realm, there is a strange beauty—a deadly allure that has captivated many. The term "Pick your poison" takes on a different meaning when viewed from an aesthetic lens. The world of mixology, where cocktails blend flavors in exquisite harmony, echoes the complex artistry of poison.

CÔCOGIN's Birds' Luxury Lacquered Tray: A Poisonous Twist

At CÔCOGIN, we find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Our Birds' Luxury Lacquered Tray is an embodiment of this fascination. Each bird on this tray is named after a classic cocktail, invoking the phrase "Pick your poison" with a luxurious twist.

From the caipirinha-inspired parrot to the dark charm of the Pink Flamingo Bellini, each bird takes its name from an iconic drink. These birds, with their lustrous plumage, mirror the mystique of the cocktail world and the artful blend of flavors that can intoxicate the senses.

Our Birds' Luxury Lacquered Tray is a tribute to the fascination of the dark and the beautiful—a celebration of the intricate interplay of aesthetics and poison that has influenced cultures, artists, and mixologists throughout history.

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